Today we are happy to announce our new Economic Events Calendar API. The Economic Events API is a part of Fundamental API and is accessible under Fundamental subscription. It provides the past and future events from all around the world like Retail Sails, Bond Auctions, PMI Releases, and many other Economic Events data.

In this API we support more than 30 countries and more than 50 different economic event types.

More information you can get on our documentation page.

An example of the output:

Eventually, we are happy to announce the publishing of the real-time data via WebSockets with a delay of less than 50ms for the USA market, FOREX, and Cryptocurrencies. For USA stocks the real-time data API supports pre-market and post-market hours (from 4:00 am till 8:00 pm EST). WebSockets API is available within All World Extended and/or All-In-One packages. Read more on the Real-Time API Documentation Page.

We support trade and quote data for the US market, the data is provided via different WebSocket endpoints:

  • US market trade data: wss://
  • US market quote data: wss://

For FOREX and Crypto feeds please use the following WebSocket endpoints:

  • FOREX: wss://
  • Cryptocurrencies: wss://

More information you can get on our Real-Time API Documentation page.

We continue to improve our APIs and today we have published Put/Call Ratios for our Stock Options Data API. Put/Call ratios for options data is very important for trading analysis and can be used to estimate changes in market sentiment within specific time-frames.

There are two aggregates and two ratios for each expiration date we calculate:

  1. Volume Ratio. The total put volume divided by the total call volume for the particular expiration date.
  2. Open Interest Ratio. The total put open interest divided by the total call open interest for the expiration date.

The example of JSON data with ratios you can find below, to get more information about our Stock Options Data, please check the documentation.

EOD Historical Data — stock market fundamental and historical prices API for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and bonds all over the world.

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