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No coding for Windows users from today. Today eodhistoricaldata.com are happy to announce the new downloader for Windows 7/10 for end of day historical data. With this Windows Downloader (or EODLoader) application, it’s easy to download even the entire US stock market, with more than 47.000 active tickers we track, just with one click. It supports all MS Windows versions starting from Windows 7.

Our EODLoader for stock prices is open-source software and all code is published on GitHub: GitHub/EODownloader.


  • NO CODING. Easy installation and use.
  • Flexible configuration.
  • 1-click download thousands of tickers.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows.
  • High performance with multiple simultaneous connections.


The application uses demo key from our documentation, which works only with AAPL and VTI. You should register and get your own API key:

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Please use ‘Settings’ to change API key to your own, configure proxy and auto-update and adjust simultaneous connections. By default you have 5 simultaneous connections, we recommend using N * 2, where N — the number of CPU cores.

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After that it’s easy to start downloads:

  1. Select the ‘Symbols File’ with all symbols you are going to download.
  2. Select the output folder for the CSV file.
  3. Click ‘Run’
  4. Enjoy!
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Get more information and download our new EODLoader you can in our documentation eodhistoricaldata.com/knowledgebase/windows-downloader-end-of-day-data/

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