Financial News API: Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Indices and Futures/Commodities Support

Several months ago we published our Financial News API and got a lot of positive feedback. Inspired, we continued to develop this API endpoint and today we published several new data feeds for the Financial News API.

With the current news data feeds we added the support for:

  1. Forex pairs.
  2. Cryptocurrencies.
  3. Major Indices.
  4. Major commodities and futures.

All news is tagged by ticker codes which is very useful to filter out, and in some cases, the news is tagged by topic.

More information you can get on our documentation page.

The output example for FOREX:

The output example for Cryptocurrencies:

Each API request for Financial News API consumes 5 API calls. We are also open to any feedback and ready to add any new field and signal you are interested in our Financial News API. Just send us an email to More information you can get on our documentation page. — stock market fundamental and historical prices API for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and bonds all over the world.